Our Personal and Catastrophic Injury Practice

At Nugent & Bryant, we approach personal injury a bit differently than other law firms. Whereas some lawyers take on any client who walks through their door, we believe people deserve better. When we select a case, we truly believe that the victims involved deserve justice. Without a skilled attorney on their side, they might not get it. That is why we do everything in our power to build strong cases for our clients. We are selective about our clients for a reason – because we put everything we have into fighting for the people we represent.

What Makes a Personal Injury Catastrophic?

Although any type of personal injury has the potential to be life-changing, catastrophic injuries always have long-term consequences. These injuries are among the most devastating in the realm of personal injury law. Besides the obvious physical effects, catastrophic injuries cause emotional trauma, such as strained relationships, depression, and even suicide.

With enough time, bruises and broken bones heal. In the case of catastrophic injuries, however, the damage usually never completely goes away. Paralysis, brain damage, and loss of eyesight are injuries that forever change the way victims live their lives. A catastrophic injury can stop you from accomplishing tasks you ordinarily take for granted. As a result, the financial recovery for these types of cases is generally much greater than that of other types of personal injuries. In Connecticut, courts compensate victims of catastrophic injuries for medical costs, lost wages, loss of enjoyment of life, diminished earning capacity, rehabilitation expenses, pain and suffering, and other damages.

Personal Injury

Injuries do not have to be catastrophic to be life-changing. At Nugent & Bryant, we also represent people who have been hurt due to another person’s recklessness or negligence. We use the same philosophy for our personal injury cases as we do in our catastrophic injury practice: select the cases we truly believe in and put all our resources to work for the people we represent.

Personal injury is a phrase most people know from lawyer commercials and television shows. Although you might be familiar with the term, you cannot truly grasp the seriousness of a personal injury until you experience one. Suddenly, you are hurt, perhaps missing work, with a growing stack of medical bills. There are many personal injury law firms out there, but how do you know which ones are good? At Nugent & Bryant, we understand that there are two sides to personal injury: the commercials you see on television and the reality of grappling with physical pain every moment of every day. We have dedicated our practice to helping accident victims receive fair compensation for their injuries.

Nugent & Bryant: Your Personal Injury Law Firm

Many personal injury law firms promise to fight for their clients. At Nugent & Bryant, we believe in actions, not promises. We have worked hard to build a reputation as one of Connecticut’s premier law firms advocating for accident victims’ rights. If you have suffered a personal injury or catastrophic injury, call us today at (203) 795-1111 for a free consultation.