Monthly Archives: June 2015

“Distracted Walking” Putting Pedestrians at Risk

“Distracted driving” may receive more attention, but the problem of “distracted walking” is becoming an increasingly common and dangerous problem. According to a recent report by the National Safety Council, distracted walking injuries involving cell phones accounted for an estimated 11,101 injuries between 2000 and 2011, making it a significant safety threat.

For Work-Related Injuries Caused By Third-Parties, Workers’ Compensation May Not Be Your Only Remedy

One of the many unique characteristics of the workers’ compensation system in Connecticut and every other state is that it is usually the exclusive remedy that an injured worker has against his or employer for compensation related to a “work-related” injury. A “work-related” injury for purposes of workers’ compensation benefits can include any number of […]

“Whiplash” Is Often No Joke

“Whiplash,” which is a term used to describe a number of different injuries to the neck, has often been mocked and maligned in TV sitcoms as an exaggerated or faked injury, usually accompanied by a neck brace. The reality, however, is that the numerous injuries to the neck that are often referred to as “whiplash” […]

Construction Season on the Roads Means More Dangers for Drivers and Workers

Summer, or “construction season” as it is sometimes called, is the time of year when significant work is done on our roads, highways, and bridges. If you’re taking a family road trip this summer, the odds are slim that you won’t pass through at least one construction zone with lane closures, uneven pavement, barriers in […]