Monthly Archives: January 2015

This Winter is Horrific – Safe Winter Driving Can Keep It From Becoming Tragic

Record-setting. Brutal. Relentless. Pick your adjectives how you like but this winter has tested the patience and resolve of all New Englanders. But life goes on, and that includes driving. As has often happened this season, sometimes the best course of action is to not drive at all. However, when you do hit the road […]

Landlord’s Liability for Injuries to Children: Connecticut Supreme Court Looks at “Foreseeability”

Is it foreseeable that a ten-year-old boy would drag an 18-pound chunk of concrete up to his family’s third-floor apartment and drop it on the head of his seven-year-old neighbor, causing devastating and traumatic brain injuries and paralysis? Should the landlord who knowingly allowed that piece of concrete and many others to lay in the […]