Yearly Archives: 2014

Rising Pedestrian and Cyclist Injuries Require Increased Vigilance and Safety

When we walk across the street whether it be in a crosswalk, at a stoplight, or elsewhere, we are putting ourselves in the paths of cars which may or may not be mindful of our safety. The same goes for cyclists who must share the road and face dangers from vehicles passing by or crossing […]

Brain Injuries and Other Damage From Forceps Deliveries

For decades, doctors have used forceps to assist them during challenging deliveries. A forceps delivery will typically be considered if the physician is having a difficult time reaching the baby’s head or the mother is exhausted and cannot effectively push the baby out. However, a number of conditions must exist in order for forceps to […]

In-Court Demonstrations Can Be the Key to Telling a Story or Asserting a Complete Defense.

Recent CT Supreme Court Decision Excluding a Demonstration Gets it Wrong. Trials are about telling stories. When I present a case to a judge or jury, I am telling my client’s story; about how the accident or incident in question happened; about how their lives were before the events at issue and how they have […]

Loss of Consortium Claims in Spotlight After Recent Connecticut Supreme Court Decision

In July, the Connecticut Supreme Court issued a unanimous decision holding that certain rights which were limited to heterosexual married couples prior to the state’s approval of civil unions and later same-sex marriage could be exercised by now-legal same-sex spouses. Specifically, the Court allowed a widow to sue a doctor in a medical malpractice case […]

“1,000 Deaths a Day.” Huge Number of Preventable Medical Errors Spurs Senate to Act

The U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Primary Health and Aging held a hearing on July 17th entitled “More Than 1,000 Preventable Deaths a Day Is Too Many: The Need to Improve Patient Safety.” If that statistic shocks you, consider these other numbers that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I – Vt.), chair of the subcommittee, recited as he […]